With all of the technological and social changes coming our way, how can we keep up with the latest trends in talent acquisition?

Let’s face it. The workplace is changing and will continue to change, to evolve and to grow. Technological changes happen in the blink of an eye, forcing us to quickly adapt to a constantly evolving work environment. The field of human resources is no exception. On the contrary, hiring practices must keep up with the fastest, most convenient and most efficient ways of finding the best talent in order to help organizations reach their full potential. Moreover, due to this changing environment, and also to a changing economy, the nature of each employee’s position can change as well which is why it is important to hire employees who have the skills required to adapt quickly to change.

In this issue of the EPSI Newsletter, we take a look at the latest trends in recruitment from both a technological and a social perspective. Technologically speaking, we must begin to consider the impact of online social connectivity in terms of new social skills that more and more employers are looking for. Furthermore, technology has allowed for the development of new assessment solutions, such as integrated solutions, which facilitate the testing process for both the candidate and the employer. Socially speaking, we must take into consideration that a new breed of worker is emerging due to this technological evolution. This generation of workers is very different than the last. We must therefore learn to speak their language and determine what makes them most engaged in the workplace in order to get them to “stay for the long run”. In this sense, we must learn to detect from the very beginning which employees will be loyal and remain within our organization.

As in every edition, we would like to thank you for your continued readership and the trust you have demonstrated in EPSI and the Compmetrica assessment products. We hope that you enjoy this issue and we wish you the best in your 2014 recruitment!


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