The challenges of a shifting economic landscape and the need to make tough decisions instantly makes it the ideal time to identify and develop future leaders in your organization – is your company equipped and committed to doing so?

Leadership. A simple internet search of this word will produce over 110 million hits while a quick search within Amazon Books on leadership generates over 40 000 hits. Over the years, there have been countless studies and research papers written about leadership in companies, all from a variety of angles, different viewpoints and promoting a variety of styles. With a war for talent being a major factor organizations are contending with, why do a majority of organizations lack efficient and effective programs for identifying and developing talent?

With such a small number of suitable leaders for a multitude of positions, the best approach for any organization is to start developing their leadership talent from within. While clearly the first step is to start identifying who your leaders are and map out their leadership progression within your organization, our challenge to you our readers is to take a step back and start looking at leadership in a different way!

The traditional top-down leadership structure is no longer an appropriate manner for a marketplace that is in a constant state of evolution; in its place we must start defining a new structure and identify decision-makers in non-traditional areas and segments of our organizations. These new decision-making clusters should be given the latitude to react quickly to opportunities as well as be provided with the resources to carry them out efficiently. Leadership and management should start being seen in a new light – not to hoard power and titles but rather as an opportunity to embolden your organization, inspire your followers and encourage a new generation of employees to strive for better. The knowledge and tools are out there to help you take the plunge - all it takes is that the leadership quality of foresight to make it a reality in your organization.

We are extremely proud of our latest Newsletter cover page. Since renewing our format, we have sought to introduce you to a member of the EPSI team through our feature cover page.

Franco MaimoneIn following with the trend of this edition’s theme, we decided to be a little more proactive in developing our own EPSI talent - all of the boys and girls featured are children of an EPSI employee! We truly hope that you continue to benefit from a plethora of interesting articles and facts concerning this fascinating world of HR in which we work. As in every edition, we would like to thank you for your continued readership and the loyalty you have demonstrated in EPSI and our Compmetrica assessment products.


Franco Maimone
Director, Consulting Services and Business Development