In its constant pursuit of innovation, Compmetrica is now venturing into the world of personnel planning (PP)! This entirely new module designed for medium- and large-scale enterprises will let them plan their future human resource needs better, based on their organization's objectives, and will enable them to centralize all staff movements in the same application.

Following a consulting assignment with French gas distribution company GrDF, we identified an opportunity to develop an application in order to simplify hiring processes for large corporations. In practice, the application makes it possible to develop and query a company's database in order to better predict staffing needs. It can be used to conduct simulations and analyze potential gaps between staffing forecasts and current internal human resources. The application also provides the flexibility of considering the recruitment of external candidates by taking job applications from employment agencies and headhunting firms into account.

Some of our priorities in developing the application included:

EPSI Man Improved management of the aging labour force;
EPSI Man Better incorporation of training needs and a succession pool; and
EPSI Man Increased internal personnel mobility.

Large companies working in fairly complex technical fields are often faced with staffing shortages, for certain trades more than for others. The Compmetrica PP application manages job families, identifying positions that most often experience labour shortages, while arranging job postings using more standardized methods. Our recommendation here is to incorporate the skills-based approach into the hiring process. This will open up the field of possible activities, such as the production of skills profiles and performance assessments and the development of training plans.

For successful personnel planning, the organization's existing staff will first need to be analyzed in depth and staff selection procedures will need to be revisited. An action plan must then be established, incorporating the objectives identified during the strategic HR planning exercise. Lastly, implementation mechanisms will need to be developed in order to bring personnel planning to life.

The steps in Compmetrica's PP are:


Personnel planning setup is not a seamless endeavour. It requires a significant financial investment and must be structured around a business plan that will radically change the way things are done. That’s why it’s important to accurately define strategic HR needs and obtain the staff's buy-in, particularly managerial staff, in order for this change in corporate culture to succeed. Once this is done, PP can yield considerable economies of scale, particularly by cutting training costs and optimizing the hiring process.

Pascal LeguerrierAs the application is still in development, the second programming phase will include scorecards to accurately determine the scope of each phase in the planning process and to envisage any improvements needed. Yet even as it stands today, the challenges facing large companies, with ever-increasing staffing shortages, will make Compmetrica's PP a string they simply cannot do without in their corporate bow!

Pascal Leguerrier
Assessment and Evaluation Consultant