What elements of your assessment strategy change when recruiting in different sectors?

Having worked with numerous organizations in a variety of different sectors, we have been in the enviable position to witness and be actively involved in developing and implementing assessment strategies for each industry, sector or organization. While numerous elements are taken into consideration, such as access to qualified personnel, geographical considerations, specialized training, etc. you would be surprised to learn that all assessment strategies from multi-nationals to SMEs have a common link: the need to find the best and brightest employees by trying to predict performance. It is imperative that organizations take the guesswork out of assessing individuals by integrating assessment tools that are valid, reliable and have a clear link to the competencies required in the position.

The needs in different sectors for assessment strategies touch upon the various disciplines of HR including pre-employment, recruitment, promotion, training and development, retention and succession planning. In each of these cases, in order to make the right decision HR practitioners must try to assemble the most complete and comprehensive amount of information about an individual’s strengths and areas for improvement. Regardless of the sector in which you operate in, this is the objective of using an assessment tool or a standardized assessment structure.

In any sector that you operate in, it is imperative that the following general elements are respected prior to incorporating assessment tools in your HR strategies; 1) incorporate transparent and non-discriminatory assessment procedures 2) ensure the assessment tool is psychometrically valid 3) ensure that the assessment tool(s) accurately measures the competency required for the position. If the assessment procedures and/or tools used are not valid and reliable, or the competencies being assessed are not directly linked to the position, you are wasting valuable time as well as creating an adverse impact on your financial and human resources.

Therefore whenever opting for an assessment product in your organization, regardless of the sector you operate in, make sure that these main components are respected. Beware of what is being offered on the market as many tests and assessment products exist and while valid and reliable tools exist, most are not. Therefore, ensure a proper due diligence before choosing an assessment tool!

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Franco Maimone
Director, Consulting Services and Business Development