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EPSI - Summer 2011
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What's Happening in HR!
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Stay on top pf HR trends, practices, policies and developments!

Is the increasing world-wide popularity of Competency-Based HR Management justified?

Within the last few years, the economic environment has challenged organizations to unearth solutions that seamlessly integrate effective human resources planning with business planning in order to achieve their mission, mandate and business goals. Granted, this is already a common practice in some parts of the world; we have seen an increased proliferation of organizations globally, in the public and private sector, implementing competency-based HR management (CBHRM) systems in order to achieve their strategic plans. Learn more »

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The Importance of Person-Organization Fit in Hiring

A recent survey conducted with the help of LinkedIn HR shows that employee commitment to the organization and the identification of talented individuals are two of the greatest concerns for HR specialists today. These results are not particularly surprising, given that commitment to an employer affects a number of important variables at the individual level, such as the intention to stay, absenteeism and job satisfaction, as well as at the organizational level, in terms of profits, stock market value and sales figures. Finding and identifying talent is just as important, when one considers how the global demand for talent is on the rise while high-potential candidate pools in Western countries are shrinking. Learn more »

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Dispensing expert HR advice from EPSI's President, the highly respected author André Durivage, Ph.D.
President of EPSI - André Durivage, Ph.D.

Q: My organization is in the midst of trying to adopt a succession planning model so that we can make sure we have people trained to move into key leadership positions when needed. We know there are many benefits to implementing a process, but now we are looking at how to pick who gets to participate and how to see whether people are actually improving, or are really ready to take on those key leadership positions. Do you have any suggestions? Learn more »

K. Neufeld
Ottawa, ON

André's answer
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Read about what is new at EPSI and our experiences participating in various conferences across North America.

Symposium Report

Our first Montreal-based symposium is quite a success!

EPSI would like to thank you for your interest in our first symposium on new trends in skills assessments, held on Friday, May 6 in Montreal. Learn more

SQPTO Conference Report

Friendly interaction abounds at the SQPTO Conference!

Hospitality and sociability - two words that describe the atmosphere at the recent SQPTO Conference in Montreal on May 26 and 27. The conference, organized under the banner of "Dare to re-establish the relationship between the individual and the organization," allowed us to network with labour psychologists and to speak with them about our mutual experiences. Learn more »

GRHMQ Congress Report

EPSI demonstrates its expertise to HR Managers from across Quebec!

EPSI President, André Durivage, PhD, was a speaker at the recent congress organized by GRHMQ (Municipal Human Resource Managers of Quebec), which took place June 1-3 at the Château Montebello in Outaouais. Learn more »

Relay for Life Report

Together we can beat cancer: EPSI is fully committed to the Relay for Life!

Following the success of the inaugural event in 2010, EPSI participated in the Relay for Life for a second consecutive year. Learn more »

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What's Happening in HR!

Is there a place for HR in the world of social networking?

Whether we want to join them or not, the importance of this communication medium cannot be denied in both our personal or professional lives. That said, can this tool be of use in human resource management (HRM)? The HR environment often seems to lag when it comes to adopting technological developments - developments that are so successfully incorporated by other departments. The time to change this trend is now - with just a few clicks! Learn more »

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EPSI experts provide valuable, informative perspectives on various aspects of HR.

EPSI's Client Support Team

The newsletter team would like to take this opportunity to catch up with our own Client Support Team in order to get some input from those who know perfectly well how important customer satisfaction is to the bottom line of the organization. They've provided us with some perspective on the topic, as well as some interesting tips to help provide customers with the best possible experience. Learn more »

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