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  Thank you for visiting our booth!

On behalf of the EPSI Marketing Team, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our booth at the HRPA Conference in Toronto. Your interest is very important to us and for that reason we are committed in providing you with additional information about our company and the ways in which EPSI's signature line of Compmetrica products and/or services can assist you in achieving your organizational objectives.

EPSI has more than 20 years of experience in the development of assessment tools that respond to a variety of organizational personnel selection needs. Our staff, which is comprised of HR professionals, academics and experts in the field of psychometric testing are our most important resource. It is their innovation, their experience, and their commitment to clients which has contributed to EPSI's success and the development of their signature line of assessment products, Compmetrica.


The Marketing Team would like to foster your interest in EPSI by sending you periodic e-newsletters which will inform you of our featured products and most recent developments.

In this first edition, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you of our limited promotion which will allow you to sample several of our online products for free! Currently, we are providing 50 bonus credits to all new online clients once they have completed the online registration form located in the following link or when visiting us at and click on the "Register" icon. In addition, if you contact us, and inform us that you attended the conference, we will provide you with an additional 50 bonus credits.

Register today in order to benefit from our expertise in hiring excellence!

Compmetrica Detailed Competency Model
The central point for managing your human resources needs

Compmetrica Detailed Competency Model BookletEPSI is proud to offer you the professionally designed Compmetrica Detailed Competency Model which is one of the most effective ways of maximizing the investments made in recruiting, staffing, training and assessing your personnel. Professionally designed competency models allow human resource specialists and managers to identify the most important characteristics associated with a position or a group of related positions.

Compmetrica offers a Detailed Competency Model for each of its 60 competencies. This detailed model includes complementary information on each competency, including a list of excessive and ineffective behaviours, as well as an estimate on the level of learning difficulty from both an individual and an organizational perspective.

Compmetrica Interview Builder
Your online tool for designing a customized structured interview

Compmetrica Interview Builder Booklet Using the Compmetrica Interview Builder, you can design on-line, a professional structured interview, in less than 10 minutes. The questions will include both situational and behavioural questions specifically designed to assess the competencies associated with the position.

Our Compmetrica Interview Builder was developed according to the most recent professional and scientific research in the area of interactive assessment. This tool is easy to use and can be designed online in a few minutes.


Compmetrica Competency Profiler
Create, print, and manage your competency profile in a matter of minutes.

Compmetrica Competency Profiler BookletCreating a competency profile consists of analyzing the work environment, and identifying the main responsibilities. Compmetrica's Competency Profiler integrates these steps, based on years of research and experience in the field of staffing and assessments, into an easy to use online tool that will determine a competency profile for any position within minutes!

All you need to do is identify the job sector for the position, identify the hierarchical level and choose a job title from our list of predetermined positions and Compmetrica's Competency Profiler will suggest a competency profile tailored to your specifications.

Compmetrica's Suite of Assessment Products
Predict Performance, Expect Results

Compmetrica's Suite of Assessment Products BookletEPSI's signature line of Compmetrica standardized assessment products allow organizations to help identify and better predict future job performance in their employees. As a result, major organizations around the world have continued to place their trust in our assessment tools.

Compmetrica has created a series of evaluation products designed to assess various competencies within the workplace in positions ranging from administrative support staff to senior executives. Whatever your need, Compmetrica has the innovative assessment solution that will allow you to find the best people for your organization!

On behalf of the EPSI Marketing Team, we would like to thank you for your continued interest and support.   Upcoming Events

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